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What is the turnaround time for a DSC order?

The turnaround time for our Direct Sequencing from Colonies is a bit longer than our regular DNA sequencing since it requires an additional step prior to performing the sequencing. Results are delivered within 24-36 hours from the time your samples arrive at our facility (large DSC orders may take additional 12 hours).

If you submit samples Monday-Friday for our morning pick-up time, you can expect to receive the sequencing results by the following morning.  If you submit samples in the afternoon or evening Monday-Thursday, you will receive the results of your order by 7pm the next day.  If you submit samples on a Friday afternoon or evening, you will receive the results the following Monday evening by 7pm.  The preparation of the bacterial colony samples is performed overnight and we do not process sequencing reactions over the weekend. Sequencing reactions for colonies submitted on Friday afternoon are processed on Monday morning and results are sent out no later than 7pm that evening.