Where do I get the primers needed for sequencing my samples?

Option 1: Eton's Universal Primers

We provide many commonly used primers free of charge. Please note that the primer sites on your samples may not be completely complementary to these standard primers therefore  check carefully before using these primers. A list of the common universal primers we offer can be found here.


Option 2: You provide your own primer

Customers can provide their own primers in separate tubes when submitting their samples for sequencing. We can even store these primers at our facilities free of charge for future use. See our Primer Storage Policy for more info.


Option 3: Custom Primers Synthesized by Eton

Customers may order a specialty primer through us. This can be done by logging into your account and following the steps on the sequencing order form (to place your sequencing and oligo order together) or by placing the order separately through oligo ordering system.