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How should I secure and package my samples before shipping them to Eton?

Shipping Tubes
Please make sure each tube is labeled individually and the cap fully closed.
We recommend wrapping each tube with Parafilm to reduce the risk of
cracking or sample loss due to evaporation.

  • Please use standard 1.5 ml flip-cap Eppendorf-type tubes (instead of strip tubes).
  • If possible use ethanol resistant markers on tubes to prevent writing from rubbing off.
  • Please place tubes in a plastic bag and include your order number, name and email.

Shipping 96-well Plates
Please make sure each plate is labeled. We strongly recommend sealing
the wells with 8-cap strips to prevent spillage or evaporation.

  • If submitting a partial plate please do not leave any empty wells between samples.
  • Please add samples vertically (from A1 - H1).

Additional Notes: For extra protection during shipping, you may also choose to secure your tubes/plate(s) using additional packaging such as bubble wrap or a small cardboard box.

A PDF of our sample submission guidelines and shipping recommendations for mail-in customers can be viewed/downloaded here.