Why there are multiple peaks starting in the middle of the sequence?

It's more than likely caused by the presence of two templates sharing the same vector.


Possible Cause: Mixed plasmid prep

Solution: A plasmid prep that is contaminated by more than one product, such as two vectors with different inserts or vector with insert and vector without, will generally show an early section of clean sequence data (common vector multiple cloning site sequence) followed by double peaks. Occasionally, a plasmid may contain more than one vector molecule or may encounter spontaneous deletions or insertions during growth. The point at which the double peaks begin corresponds to the start of the insert cloning site. To avoid this problem, it's important to carefully pick a single colony from your growth plate, restreaking if necessary, to be sure that your colony is completely clonal. You should follow this up with a restriction digest of your plasmid run out on an agarose gel to ensure vector and insert are present as expected.