How do you replace the Laser Power Supply on a 3730 Sequencer?

Explanation on how to swap out the laser power supply on a sequencer


  1. Power off the sequencer
  2. Take off the left smaller front panel from inside the main door and then take off the left cover of the machine
  3. Locate the laser power supply inside of a metal cage.
  4. Unplug all cables from the supply - 4 in total:
    1. Data cable from the laser (colorful, flat cable)
    2. Black thick cable from the laser that splits at the end
    3. Power cable (looks like the same as a computer power cable).
    4. Thin/ground line that is screwed to the laser power cage. You need to unscrew and disconnect it.
  5. Loosen the four screws that secure the power supply to the sequencer at the back. Also, take off the two screws that secure the power supply to the bottom of the sequencer.
  6. Take out the power supply as it is still connected to its cage.
  7. Take out the 4 screws that hold the supply to the cage and swap out the laser power supply.
  8. Reconnect the 4 screws that connect the cage to the new supply.
  9. Place the cage and supply back into the sequencer
  10. Plug in the 4 cables to the top of the laser power supply.
  11. Make sure the supply is over the filter and reattach the left side panel of the sequencer.
  12. Turn on the sequencer.
  13. Open the Service Diagnostics Tool on your computer.
  14. Chose Diagnostics Menu and then Verify Instrument (Overall)
  15. Under test, uncheck all options other than Laser power.
  16. Start the test.
  17. If the test passes, run a test plate for confirmation of your work.
  18. If your test plates return good data, you can reopen the left side panel and screw the cage to the back panel of the sequencer and the bottom and then closes up all the panels on the machine.